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Included among our staff of medical communication and digital experts are MedThinkers who understand audience channel and format preferences. They use artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools, create digital enhancements to publications, understand physician and patient mindsets from a behavioral perspective, use visual grammar to explain science, and do so much more.

Learn more about how we combine our medical, business, and digital expertise to develop innovative tailored solutions that transform scientific exchange and advance patient care.

Client challenge

With the increasing acceptance of digital models for scientific engagement, a client wanted to develop a forward-looking communication model to address the specific educational needs and engagement preferences of their key audiences.


Our team used syndicated research to inform a segmentation approach for the audiences of interest. We brought these segments to life through the development of personas and the identification of medical affairs intervention points that aligned with the physician journey. This supported development of an omnichannel resource to guide planning, with objective-specific suggestions that included quick wins and tiered-priority recommendations.

Client challenge

Given the growth in use of social media by physicians for professional information, the client wanted to determine how their publication team could more effectively leverage social media channels.


Our team supported launch of a medical Twitter handle in 2020 to highlight company-sponsored journal articles and conference presentations. Since its inception, the client’s Twitter handle has seen steady growth in organic followers and was associated with a measurable increase in journal article page views.

Chari D, Ghith J, Patel R, Volkman T, Houck S, Rotz L. Utilizing open social media channels to expand publication reach. Poster presented at: 17th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals; April 12-14, 2021; Virtual.

Client challenge

When attempting to gain invaluable insights from opinion leaders via traditional in-person meetings and teleconferences, the client found themselves in an uphill battle because of overextended schedules and heightened cost considerations.


Our team developed a customized, secure, online collaboration portal for asynchronous collaboration (MedThink Connect™) to address the need for a cost-effective platform that improved communication and allowed for rapid information exchanges among experts at their own convenience.

Client challenge

User-experience experts examined physician engagement with traditional text-heavy medical information letters. Our objective was to create medical information letter formats that were visually appealing, succinctly answered physicians’ queries, and included interactive features for quick and easy navigation to the desired information.


Our team developed a series of medical information letter template options that readily provided a response to healthcare providers’ queries, with improved navigation; optimized design; and data-backed, effective, and user-friendly design principles.

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